Maitre Albert Apartment

In the heart of the Latin quarter

Maitre Albert Apartment

So close to Notre Dame Cathedral

Maitre Albert Apaprtment

Saint Martin Apartment

Such a lovely place in such a lively city

Varlin Apartment

Canal Saint Martin for beautiful promenades

Varlin Apartment

Your living room

Varlin Apartment


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Planning a stay in Paris France? Consider renting an apartment from Parisdisiac! We're the leading apartment rental company in Paris that exclusively offers its own apartments. Most rental companies are just one of perhaps a dozen or more commissioned agents for each apartment owner, and there's a good chance all of those agents haven't even seen the interior of the apartment you're about to rent. Parisdisiac is different – we either own or fully lease all of our apartments! The apartment you rent from us is ours and ours alone . . . we found it, bought or leased it, and furnished it. We clean it, and provide maintenance as well, so you know you're getting direct attention and assistance with each of our exclusive units. So weither your planning a vacation in Paris or a business trip in Paris we have the perfect apartment for your stay.


Only the Immigration Officer will know you're a tourist: Live like a Parisian during your stay! Check out our apartments, sorted by price, availability, how many it sleeps, bedrooms, and total size. If you know the city already, you can also search by neighborhood (arrondissement)


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